Outrage seems to be a good approach to anything these days. Outrage over politics, outrage over social injustice, outrage via Twitter, outrage everywhere one can. The most damaging aspect of this approach – beside the obvious fact that people make exceptionally poor decisions when irate – is that when outrage surrounds an issue, there comes with the outrage a false equivalence. The unwary spectator can easily be misled into believing there is actually something to be outraged about.

New zero-cost textbook classes minimize educational barriers

Recently, Pasadena City College took action to create an easier way for students to take classes without the need of purchasing expensive textbooks. Beginning during the Winter 2018 intersession, students are able to search the course catalog for classes that only use zero-cost textbooks. This applies to not only traditional classes, but also online classes. These classes will utilize only open educational resources (OER) available for free online. The initiative is part of the College Textbook Affordability Act that was passed back in 2015 by …