If illegal immigrants don’t qualify for financial aid, why is it OK for California to give $5 million in state money for them to attend California colleges? The answer is it’s not OK. Not when there are so many students who were born here, or immigrants who actually came here legally, who are struggling to pay for college.

According to the University of California website, the average cost of attending a UC annually is $29,200 to $32,400 depending whether you live on or off campus. Just the tuition and fees is $13,200. After four years at a UC, a student will have spent $52,800 just on tuition and fees.

According to Forbes.com, this kind of government subsidizing is only hurting low-income students.

“One problem facing lower-income students is the government-subsidized student loans that politicians like Obama and Romney support so vociferously,” Forbes reports. “They’re designed to make college more affordable, but critics say they have had the opposite effect by driving up tuition expense in much the same way as easy mortgage financing drove the housing bubble a decade ago.”

And giving money to illegal immigrants is just another way government wants to help, by subsidizing college for those who broke the law by coming here without going through the necessary steps to enter this country.

Gabriel Reyna, television production, doesn’t think it’s right that illegal immigrants get the money and students like him have to survive on what little financial aid that is available. “That money should be for us. Especially [because] it’s called University of California.”

Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be given priority when there are so many citizens who can’t afford to pay for college on their own. College students who were born here or immigrants who came here legally have to rely on whatever financial aid, scholarships, loans, or any kind of income they can possibly get.

California should be more frugal when they give taxpayer money to students. When they do it, it should be for citizens, not illegals.



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