A biased telling of history keeps white supremacy alive

With the Derek Chauvin verdict, holding a police officer accountable for the death of George Floyd, it is sickening to behold any opposition to the suffering that the African American community endures. A counter movement claimed much smaller crowds hailing that white lives matter and attempted to promote the idea of opposition “against the media, government and educational institutions that are anti-white.” The entitlement with these views is undeniable and is rooted in our flawed educational system, which continues to perpetuate white supremacy. The history …

Betsy Devos, the decentralizing demon

Betsy DeVos has made waves throughout her tenure in the Trump administration (figurative waves, not the literal ones made by her $40 million tax-free yacht). Her beliefs about the role of government and education are shocking, considering she’s the Secretary of Education. But, they are also right in line with the no-regulation, businesses-take-all approach of her authoritarian boss – hence her job. But, just like her boss, her platforms are inherently unhealthy for our country.

Aspiring entrepreneur defies parents, leaves China for PCC

In a classroom of over thirty people, Weijie Gao, on occasion would ask his environmental science professor for help. However he would get the same response of, “ask your group members for help,” when searching for the answer. Even when Gao would get rejected multiple times, he was still determined to find the right solution. Whether it be to a science problem or to making life decisions, he would ensure he found what he was looking for.

New zero-cost textbook classes minimize educational barriers

Recently, Pasadena City College took action to create an easier way for students to take classes without the need of purchasing expensive textbooks. Beginning during the Winter 2018 intersession, students are able to search the course catalog for classes that only use zero-cost textbooks. This applies to not only traditional classes, but also online classes. These classes will utilize only open educational resources (OER) available for free online. The initiative is part of the College Textbook Affordability Act that was passed back in 2015 by …

Lancers’ Lives: Siblings who stick together, slay together

Christian and Kennedy Crumbles have been living in Pasadena while going to PCC for over a year and a half. Christian was 17 when he registered for PCC, while Kennedy started at ELAC when she was 16, and transferred to PCC last year. The siblings not only take the same interest in biology but also hiking, adventuring. Christian is also making music while Kennedy is modeling on the side.