Christian and Kennedy Crumbles have been living in Pasadena while going to PCC for over a year and a half. Christian was 17 when he registered for PCC, while Kennedy started at ELAC when she was 16, and transferred to PCC last year. The siblings not only take the same interest in biology but also hiking, adventuring. Christian is also making music while Kennedy is modeling on the side.

Christian (C): “I took biology when I was in senior year of high school, and I was naturally drawn to animals and sea creatures. I’m planning to study sea slugs. They glow under water. It’s crazy. And snails. I love snails.”

Kennedy (K): “I’m more into the medical field of biology. I have always been indecisive and having different plans though; I like it now but I might be get into journalism. I started school early, at 16. We are both very artsy, so we probably go down that path later. Oh yes, and I’m also modeling. We travel a lot, whenever we have a chance. I’m not that familiar with LA, so we go discovering stuff every chance we get.”

C: “She drags me everywhere. She would wake me up at nine a.m., like ‘Alright we are going to the beach now!’ And I’m like ‘Wait what?!?’ We also go to a lot of concerts. I’d like to explore more of the local views. When you’re on the mountain, you can see all of Los Angeles. It’s crazy, especially at night, when you see all the lights and stuff.”

K: “We have two younger half-brothers, and a couple of step-siblings. We have been living by ourselves so we don’t really notice our big family.”

C: “Whenever it’s a holiday and we go visit each other, and there were like six of us, a whole bunch of kids, and there was my dad. ‘Oh this is all your kids?’ I asked, and he was like ‘Yup.’”

K: “It’s cool when it’s just us alone because we felt spoiled, but when we get there we have like two younger siblings and two older sibling.”

C: “You have to consider everybody’s feelings, not only the opinions of the older siblings but also the feelings of the younger siblings.”

K: “I haven’t been hiking yet, even though I have been here for one and a half year. Christian went hiking without me.”

C: “My friends asked me to hang out at that night and bring some clothes that I can get dirty with. I put on my Dr. Martins because I didn’t think we would go somewhere without a lot of walking. We ended up going hiking at night. And that was crazy. I didn’t fall at all. We didn’t bring any flashlights [either]. But it was fun. We climbed all the way up and then it started to rain. I was like ‘Fuck!’ That’s when we started to climb all the way down. I’m glad I didn’t fall.”

K: “In March we drove to Vegas, and last October we drove to Phoenix Arizona. Before that we drove from Missouri to Texas, and a couple of summers ago I drove from Missouri to Tennessee. We have been having like these long field trips. It’s kinda weird.”

C: “It’s because of our parents. They said ‘Why fly when you could drive?’”

K: “We have two of the same classes. Christian is really smart, so I thought he would do my homework for me. I learned the hard way when he was skipping class; I was like ‘This assignment’s due today!’ He turned in his assignment late, and mine is turnt in early but it was done pretty crappy, so our grade is the total opposite.”

C: “Kennedy is a hard worker, but I’m a good worker, I guess. I turned things in late and lost points for it but our grades turn out to be the same. She could have just turned it in late and had me do it.”

K: “Stop!”

*Both burst out laughing*

K: “Our parents are like, try to have a good education, and we are like, we just like to have fun.”

C: “Yeah!”

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