‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ still persists in politics

Andrew Gillum, former mayor of Tallahassee and gubernatorial candidate, was considered a rising star in the Democratic party. In March, several media outlets reported that Gillum was one of three men who was found inebriated with crystal meth in a Miami hotel room. One of the men was a known gay male escort. Gillum’s critics casted judgments on his sexuality, which raised questions about the acceptance of the LGBTQ community in politics. So while America alleges to be this open, inclusive and diverse society, in …

Cataloging civil rights

Over the course of a century, the Pasadena High School Chronicle, now the Pasadena City College Courier, has seen multiple social paradigm shifts. As the decades passed, the social attitudes of the general public, and by extension the Chronicle/Courier staff, changed as advancements in civil rights were made, most notably with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which brought an end to segregation and made institutional discrimination illegal.