Ballooned overreactions pop any chance of diplomacy with China

Share: Balloons are often associated with parties, but one’s floating in the jetstream sixty-thousand feet above the United States was twisted by the conglomerate media into mass public hysteria and panic of epic proportions, and hints of true American patriotism from those who rashly support the armed forces and America’s infringement abroad.  Balloon spying is nothing new, so the fact that the United States is blowing hot air out of its mouth in response to the Chinese balloon is an overreaction to something that has …

China’s punishing COVID policies spark rare protests

Share: China’s zero policy COVID restrictions are a travesty illuminating the abuses perpetuated by The Communist Party of China. Measures imposed by the policy are severe and prevent businesses from operating and residents from leaving their homes. According to a BBC report, these lockdowns are mandated even in cases where the spread of the virus has been local. It is gravely unfortunate that freedom is not an inherent right to the people of China as it might seem to other countries. These rights are easily …

COVID-19 testing delay will accelerate deaths

Share: The U.S. government’s response to COVID-19 has been downright abysmal. Over this past week, Trump has tried to rewrite his initial handling of the pandemic, but the reality is that the president was slow in his response, and his administration is still not doing enough. While other countries like South Korea and China are making testing easily accessible, most of those in the U.S. are still going undiagnosed. Follow:

Chinese government attempts to suppress coronavirus and its coverage

Share: Imagine being in your 80s, enjoying your retirement with a grand-class cruise ship. You get off with a souvenir, the notorious COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. This souvenir, like many others, was made in China. The Chinese government was warned about this new disease, and all they did was cover the disease up until it got spread to other countries. Coronavirus cases have multiplied in great numbers in both Japan and South Korea now, with South Korea being second only to China for …

Aspiring entrepreneur defies parents, leaves China for PCC

Share: In a classroom of over thirty people, Weijie Gao, on occasion would ask his environmental science professor for help. However he would get the same response of, “ask your group members for help,” when searching for the answer. Even when Gao would get rejected multiple times, he was still determined to find the right solution. Whether it be to a science problem or to making life decisions, he would ensure he found what he was looking for. Follow:

An up-close encounter with Chinese dancers

Share: Dancers from the Beijing Dance Academy’s (BDA) are known worldwide to deliver beautiful performances. Usually the audience watches them dance in a theater, where the crafts of lighting, staging, costumes and makeup create a magical atmosphere. But this time students at Pasadena City College (PCC) had the chance to see them dancing in a more intimate setting. They watched them perform on campus on their own dancing floor. Follow: