Police Blotter: Man challenges people to fight

Share: Monday, Feb. 29: Four people were stuck inside an elevator in the R building. The faculty was able to help and release them without problem. A man and a woman involved in a verbal confrontation in Lot 5 were escorted off campus by Officer Robins. A man was challenging people to fight him in Lot 8. Officer Robins confronted the man and escorted him off campus. Tuesday, Mar. 1: A student scraped his knee, causing him to bleed. Cadets assisted him with the injury. Wednesday, Mar. 2: …

Rare books fetching six figures attract passionate collectors

Share: Antique book collectors and history buffs alike made their way to the Pasadena Convention Center over the weekend for the 49th California International Antiquarian Book Fair, uniting more than 200 vintage book sellers from over 30 countries. The Antiquarian Book Fair is considered to be one of the most prestigious exhibitions of literature in the world, also selling rare autographs, photographs, prints, manuscripts, restaurant menus, and maps. Follow: