Cell phones versus the classroom

There is no denying that cellphones, in particular smart phones, have made people’s lives easier. If you need to call someone, no need to stop at a payphone when you have a phone in your pocket. Need to look up directions? That same phone probably contains GPS. However, there is one place where cellphones have not always been welcomed with open arms: the classroom.

All talk and no game

“You guys are a bunch of stupid, pussy, ballsacky… (insert racist and homophobic slurs here.)” is not something one usually hears someone say. That is, unless you have ever set foot in the virtual world that is online gaming, where such language is an everyday thing.

Art within art

It was a packed house on Saturday as students, faculty and the general public gathered into what was once an old yoga studio but has now been transformed into an art exhibit titled, 135 A Collective. The exhibit not only featured students’ artwork but it was put together by the students themselves; advanced photographers from PCC. The exhibit was a do-it-yourself project.