Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ fails to save the day

Share: In 2017, in an attempt to catch up to the Marvel powerhouse, DC Studios released “Justice League.” Zack Snyder, the original director of the film, had to leave the project due to the tragic death of his daughter Autumn. Joss Whedon took over as director, and many changes to the film were made as a result. Following the film’s poor reception, fans demanded the release of Snyder’s version of the movie. To the joy of many comic book fans, Warner Bros. Pictures decided to …

Pasadena’s JPL sends rover to fetch evidence of life on Mars

Share: A booming sound erupts through Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force space station. With a massive cloud of smoke and a blazing fire roaring behind it, the Atlas V-541 catapulted towards space, carrying the rover family’s newest member, Perseverance. The rover has everything it needs to answer the age-old question, is there life on Mars? “It’s like punching a hole in the sky,” said NASA Associate Administrator for Science Thomas Zurbuchen. Follow:

Gender neutral toys won’t influence anyone’s dreams

Share: California bill AB-1084 could potentially end gender labels for department stores starting as early as Jan. 1, 2024. The tactic of removing boy and girl labels is something that seems unnecessary. We need to just let kids be kids and leave things how they are. There is no issue as far as having these labels. Kids understand what they like and don’t like and I don’t see how changing these labels would change anything different. Hopefully this is a bill that ultimately does not …

PCC basketball legend is one-step away from traveling to the Hall of Fame

Share: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced a total of 14 candidates for the 2021 election on March 9. Among those selected, PCC alumnus and former Los Angeles Lakers superstar Michael Cooper, better known as “Coop”, was among them.  “It’s such a great honor. You know, when you play this game, you play the game for the love of it, for the camaraderie of a team sport, and to win championships. So to be singled out and looked at as an individual, you know, …

Anti-Asian racism hits close to home for PCC faculty?

Share: On the floor of Market Street, San Francisco, she lightly touches her eyes, where the pain is coming from. When she tries to open her eyes, to see what happened, all she sees is darkness.  Her body is shivering with anger, Cantonese phrases mumbling from her mouth. Though she can’t see, she is still a fighter. She stands up, and with her unwounded eye, she rushes to the man in front of her. Bam! She punches him back in the face.  Follow: