Kim crushes baseball run record

Share: Transferring schools as an athlete isn’t the easiest thing to do. It is hard to jump from one program to another and become a top player or to keep your confidence high enough to do well. In this case, it is different. Andres Kim a sophomore baseball transfer who came to PCC has became a prominent athlete who has succeeded and will continue to succeed. Follow:

Associated Students Meeting: April 26, 2017

Share: Lobby Committee is traveling to Washington D.C. Open Education Resources Undocumented Student Rights Transgender Student Rights Bridge Act Jobs Act Real Act America RISING Act Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act Advisor Will be attending the Lobby Committees trip to Washington D.C Drag Show Associated Student are putting on a Drag Show Show will be May 26, 2017 Budget for funds accepted Follow:

Police Blotter: Man caught videotaping underneath C-building’s restroom stalls

Share: Monday, March 27 A student was reported disrupting their class. Officers made contact with the student, counseled them and resolved the issue. A man was harassing a woman near the C-building. Officers made contact with an individual smoking a cigarette near the mirror pools. A ticket was issued. A student reported a man was using a video camera to record underneath the stalls inside of the second floor C-building men’s restrooms. Tuesday, March 28 A homeless man entered the GM-building men’s locker room. Officer …