Grantland: Was ESPN right for closing down the site?

Share: In the eyes of most sports fans who enjoyed reading Grantland’s type of journalism, ESPN’s decision to close the site was a disappointment to them. But there wasn’t a definite reason to explain the closing. Was it due to the firing of founder and editor-in-chief Bill Simmons or is it the start of the end for online longform sports journalism? ESPN isn’t about the quality of work the company puts their name on necessarily. ESPN’s official statement said, “…We have decided to direct our time …

Men’s soccer expect to improve next season with new coach

Share: Head coach Edgar Manvelyan will resign as PCC men’s soccer head coach and his assistant coach Henry Cabral will take over. Manvelyan looks to continue with recruiting, scheduling, and fulfilling his duties as a coach during the offseason. He has four sophomores who will be moving on to the university level and he hopes to help them. Manvelyan said, “I will not have the time to fully commit.” Follow:

Women’s basketball comes up short in host tournament

Share: The Lancers women’s basketball team squandered a double-digit lead they held for most of the championship game on Sunday and fell to Long Beach City College 62-57. Playing on their own home court was a big part of Pasadena’s 46-point win against Imperial Valley College on Friday and 53-point win against Pierce on Saturday. The home court played little advantage in the final game, as Long Beach fans’ noise echoed in the gymnasium during the entire 40 minutes of the game. Follow:

Men’s basketball aims high with a freshman-filled team

Share: The men’s basketball team will enter the upcoming season with only a handful of players that have experience on the Hutto-Patterson Gymnasium’s hardwood floor. The Lancers will be without some key pieces of last season’s team. Sophomore guard Dejon Williams was a large part of the team’s offense and averaged 15 points per game shooting 41 percent from the field, but he won’t return. Follow: