Head coach Edgar Manvelyan will resign as PCC men’s soccer head coach and his assistant coach Henry Cabral will take over. Manvelyan looks to continue with recruiting, scheduling, and fulfilling his duties as a coach during the offseason. He has four sophomores who will be moving on to the university level and he hopes to help them. Manvelyan said, “I will not have the time to fully commit.”

The Lancers men’s soccer team finished the season with a win in their final game, capping their losing season with a rare victory.

Pasadena played good games in their last three, highlighted by their 2-2 draw against Long Beach, who won the conference. The Lancers traveled to Los Angeles Harbor College on Nov. 13 to leave everything on the field in their last game and walked out with a win.

The SCC-worst 2-15-4 overall record is the subject of questions.

The team went on a few rollercoasters, including an 11-game winless streak in both conference and non-conference games before their first win and another eight-game winless streak after that.

The disappointing season doesn’t end without a reason. As head coach Edgar Manvelyan said all season, a lack of goal scoring has been the factor that was sinking the ship.

“We didn’t score as many goals as we should have,” Manvelyan said. “We created many chances but couldn’t score. It didn’t go as planned. We didn’t have many natural strikers who could put it in.”

The Lancers gave up a lot of late-game goals during the season and couldn’t recover from deficits. They pointed fingers instead of working with teammates to overcome obstacles.

Sophomore midfielder Christopher Sinani said having a young team hurt them due to the players’ lack of college experience and teamwork.

“I think the biggest thing that hurt us is not practicing as early as other schools,” Sinani said. “There wasn’t that chemistry there [early on]. There were some games where egos started taking over rather than setting it aside and playing together. There were some games we played really well and didn’t deserve to lose or tie. That’s just how it went. We can’t rely on saying we got unlucky.”

Looking back at the season, there aren’t many highlights to cover, but one issue that hasn’t been spoken about is where they will go moving forward.

Freshman midfielder Christopher Chemlekian says the team is just working towards their upcoming exhibition games against university teams. He said there isn’t an easy way to describe the team’s season.

“Pretty poor season. We had bad luck and from the beginning we couldn’t finish,” Chemlekian said. “We broke down a lot of times. We started fighting with each other instead of working hard in order to overcome our problems. Two wins in a season isn’t that good.”

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