Police Activity Blotter for the period ending Sept. 8, 2019

Monday, September 2, 2019.

No activities were reported today

Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019

A bicycle was stolen from the Annex bike racks.

There were also two hit and runs: one in Lot 4 and another on the Rosemead campus.

There was also a suspicious person report in the library. A parent complained a strange white male subject wearing dark pants and sandals had been following her daughter. An officer was contacted upon his attempt to leave the area.

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019

A student reported that Lot 4 Level 4 parking lot had cracks in the ceiling and a piece had fallen on his car. Officers viewed no visible damage and filed a facilities inspection area report.

There were two reports of disturbing the peace. First, a shuttle driver reported a female white transient attempted to board the PCC shuttle at Allen Station stop and took the drivers hydroflask when she left the area. Officers were contacted to assist but were unable to locate the transient. The second report was library staff reporting a male yelling at multiple subjects in the second floor of the library. Officers learned the student was a DSPS student and was having trouble with a computer and got upset and started yelling.

There were three hit and runs: one in Lot 5 Level 5, another in Lot 4 Level 4, and Lot 4 Level 4B.

CEC counseling staff reported a black male transient who frequently visits their office with no school purpose. Subject would be calm and not bothering other students or staff but continued returning with no reason for visit. The subject was contacted and escorted off campus and advised. Another transient was reported by the CEC cosmetology staff for attempting to enter the area which was possibly the same person who was reported by the counseling staff. Subject was also contacted and escorted off campus.

The bookstore reported that a white female subject with a blonde ponytail and tattoo on her arm stole a laptop from the area and headed towards Lot 10 and 11. The subject was contacted by officers on Colorado Blvd and transported to Pasadena Police Department Jail for booking.

A 21 year old male subject on the east side of the IT building complained of chest pains and requested paramedics on scene. The Pasadena Fire Paramedics evaluated and released the subject.

Thursday, Sept. 5, 2019

A staff member at the CEC reported her student was struck by a vehicle off campus and was suffering from back pain. The student requested an ambulance for assistance. The vehicle in question fled, but witnesses took pictures of the vehicle. Pasadena Fire Paramedics transported the student to Huntington Memorial Hospital. The Pasadena FD passed on the suspect vehicle information to Pasadena Police.

CEC staff reported a Hispanic male transient talking to himself and pounding tables near CEC-135. When the subject was contacted by officers, he became non-cooperative, combative and had to be restrained. The subject was checked for warrants; none were found and he was escorted off campus.

A staff member reported a black male transient attempting to access porn sites on the computers in L-110. The subject was contacted, and no warrants were found for him. No evidence was found of actual access to online porn sites. Another staff reported a black male transient wandering through the L building but not bothering anyone. This subject was possibly the same transient escorted after the earlier report from L-110. The subject was contacted and issued a stay away order.

An anonymous tip was received by a female and her boyfriend, claiming they were threatened and accused of vehicular tampering in the parking lot by a white male subject they parked next to. The officers made contact with the subject by phone and the situation was resolved.

The anonymous online tip line reported a Hispanic male in his mid 30’s with a shaved head on a black bike following and harassing women near the bookstore, the Quad and the mirror pools. The areas were patrolled with negative results.

Officers cleared an area in Lot 10 and issued warnings to subjects in their vehicle for drinking on school grounds.

A cadet reported a verbal confrontation between two male subjects in the Quad near the clock tower. The officers reported their disagreement was about one male staring at the other in the mens’ shower in the W building.The situation was unconfirmed and resolved.

A student reported damage to her driver’s side door that resulted in a strong dent and two scratches that possibly occurred on Tuesday on the Rosemead campus.

A female complaining of chest pains in the library’s second floor requested assistance. Pasadena Fire Paramedics were contacted, and evaluated and treated the student. It was determined there was no medical emergency and the student was escorted to her vehicle.

Friday, Sept. 6, 2019

A student reported he was being harassed via text by his current girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. Officers determined the student was not actually threatened, and instead was the initial instigator. The student contacted the ex-boyfriend through social media and the situation was resolved.

Facilities reported their cart was taken from the east side of the LL building. The cart was located on campus near Lot 7 on the curb.

An officer reported a fight in the W building men’s locker room with a Hispanic male subject. The subject was checked for warrants which came back out of Temple City. The subject was booked at Pasadena Police Department Jail for the outstanding warrant.

A student reported his bicycle was stolen south of the shuttle stop in Lot 6.

Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019

No activities were reported for this period

Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019

No activities were reported for this period

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