Morgan St. Jean: The makings of a true artist

Share: In a tiny little home studio somewhere in the midst of L.A., lies a room full of guitars and keyboards and fancy synth machines. The plethora of musical possibilities is enough to make any musician’s imagination run wild. This is how it all happens, right? A single recording in someone’s basement and suddenly you get lucky enough to “make it” in Los Angeles. Follow:

Holidayfest: A Christmas festival on a budget

Share: When people think of Christmas festivities in California, the main ones that usually come to mind is the LA Zoo Lights, The Mission Inn Lights in Riverside and of course people surely can’t forget the holiday time at Disneyland. But a lot of these festivities can get a little too pricey. Luckily the Shops on South Lake Avenue are here for the rescue. They held their annual Holidayfest which was FREE to the public on Saturday December 1st. The Holidayfest wasn’t the average holiday …

Courier Chat: Feminism with ‘Femme Up’

Share: On this podcast, Sam and Grace talk to PCC students and podcasters Seanna and Sheyla about their new podcast, ‘Femme Up’ and about all things feminism. Listen to ‘Femme Up’: Follow ‘Femme Up’ on facebook, twitter and instagram: @femmeuppodcast Have something you want us to talk about on the podcast? Want to appear as a guest or have your story told? Email us!: Follow:

GM not adapting to eco-friendly car culture

Share: In the society that we live in, the economy plays a major role in how companies plan for their future. If the economy is strong companies can expand and be able to hire new workers. If the economy is in a recession, companies will have to make cutbacks to save money. But for General Motors, their situation proves that no matter how strong the economy is, no one is safe from losing their job. Follow:

Gentrification won’t stop Old LA farmer’s market

Share: The wheels of the train rumble as they slide on the track into the Highland Park metro station. Just over the fence next to the tracks, white tents line Marmion Way, as a hoard of second hand jackets and shirts dangle from their racks and the smokey warm scent of roasted peanuts and barbacoa permeate the air. The late afternoon sun lends a deep golden light to the Highland Park farmer’s market. Follow: