So long PCC and congrats to all the grads

Share: The long awaited journey has finally come to an end. It’s the moment that most students have been waiting for. Graduation. Decorated with big number balloons that read 2019, and a banner outside the bookstore that said “Congratulations,” tables inside that had class rings on it and various of graduation gifts, students lined up inside the Pasadena City College bookstore to pick up their cap and gowns. Follow:

Alabama forgets what separation of church and state means

Share: The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise  thereof, thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.” Enshrined in our Constitution is the belief that government should not legislate according to religion over non-religion, nor favor a particular faith over others. Follow:

Queen Bey slays Netflix with ‘Homecoming’ documentary

Share: In nearly two hours, Beyonce and her astounding cast of dancers, singers and musicians managed to put together an unparalleled collection of her biggest hits and deep cuts, combined with music from the “Dirty South” and many civil rights activists like Nina Simone. Served alongside was the visuals of historically black colleges and universities. One year later, as the second weekend of Coachella approaches, the memory of “Beychella” looms large. No star-studded appearances (maybe Kid-Cudi bringing out Kanye West) in this years festival line …

Police Blotter: Female suffered a domestic violence incident off campus

Share: Monday, March 04, 2019 A staff member reported a male transient sleeping inside of the 1st floor of the CA-bldg. The officer escorted transient off campus. A courtesy report was taken for a student who suffered a domestic violence incident off campus. The student was provided with resource information and referred to Health Services and Personal Counseling for additional assistance on campus. The report was forwarded to jurisdictional police agency. A student reported her vehicle was struck while parked in Lot 5. The officer …

‘Wonder Park’: Light up your imagination

Share: Imagination is something that kids have within them and let it run wild. As they get older, certain events in their life may cause a darkness to outshine that imagination. “Wonder Park” is an animation movie that shows kids and even adults of all ages that they are always going to be surrounded by a cloud of darkness. It is there to remind them that the light that is within them is more powerful and will outshine the darkness. The movie begins with June, …