Taylor Swift and the case of the failed concept album

Share: As far as concept albums go, Beyonce’s “Lemonade” is the textbook definition. The thematic arc from “Pray You Catch Me” to “Formation” is abundantly clear and climactic. The journey Beyonce goes through is one of redemption, forgiveness and newfound strength. When she sings “I found the truth beneath your lies” in “Pray You Catch Me,” you know that lies she’s referring to are the secrets she was smelling in “Hold Up.” Follow:

Taking the ‘W’: Why students choose to pull out and withdraw

Share: Students line up in a crooked manner, one by one, waiting for their questions to be answered. Some choose to sit down on the connected seats, waiting for their name to be called; while the seats remain filled, others opt to stand near the wall and use their smartphones to kill time. Multiple counselors walk out the door, either engaging in a friendly chatter with colleagues or welcoming the students inside what remains of their encounter. Follow:

Good coffee and company at Ginger Corner Market

Share: A three minute drive from PCC, Ginger Corner Market is an excellent choice when looking for either a place to study at or a place to enjoy a small meal. Right next to Grant Park on the corner of Blanche and Michigan, Ginger Corner Market has sat on the intersection for the past five years and continues to bring in regulars as well as new faces. Upon entering, the first thing that could be heard was the sound of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and …

Representation matters in mainstream media and culture

Share: Sexy Latina, angry black girl, nerdy Asian, and exotic are labels the majority of marginalized folks have been thrown into due to how the mainstream culture has portrayed them. “’You have no idea how difficult it is to get a bunch of black and Hispanic kids to watch ‘SNL’ over ‘In Living Color,” said ‘Girls Trip’ actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish in her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live (SNL) after making history by becoming the first female black stand-up comic to host SNL …

Joan Didion uncoiled in ‘The Center Will Not Hold’

Share: The eccentric quiet of Joan Didion is presented in the Netflix documentary, “The Center Will Not Hold,” a film about her career and life that could only be tenderly put together by her niece and nephew. Cousins Griffin and Annabelle Dunne captured their aunt so beautifully, I am tempted to write Didion in hopes that she will accept me as her honorary niece. I promise to always have an ice cold coke and a can of salted almonds if you can coach me on …

Tasty food market brings bite size culture to Pasadena

Share: Pasadena has always presented fun and memorable events to it’s local residents but this weekend it brought another that was quite delicious. The Tasty Food Market was the event that I was more than happy to check out. This food-based swap meet had a wide selection of food including Indian, sushi, Greek, Mexican, good old smoothies and ribs. There was a lot to choose from but everything I tried was not disappointing. Follow:

Thanksgiving dismisses persistent culture of white violence

Share: White people in America have convinced themselves that overt racism is the only kind that affects people of color. They’ve taught themselves to dismiss the culture of white supremacy that exists below the surface of racial slurs and Nazi chants. Their version of history depicts the violence of their ancestors as heroic and righteous, with monikers like “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” In 1972 when Angela Davis was interviewed while she was in prison, she was asked if she thought that violence …