Comey’s life line to Trump

Share: October 28th, 2016 may be a day that will forever be marked with infamy. Before that day, just about everyone was disgusted with Trump. His Billy Bush video sent the world into a frenzy and it seemed as though Clinton was going to be elected president without a doubt in anyone’s mind, even to those who hated her. But everyone was wrong. Follow:

PCC food service poses serious health risks

Share: All the burritos, tater tots, doughnuts, chips, fries, bacon, cream cheese croissants, Big Texas Cinnamon Rolls and Neon Worms served at PCC’s food services are condemning the apparently satisfied but clearly oblivious customers to future diagnoses of obesity, diabetes, stroke, cancer or osteoarthritis. The Piazza cafeteria and Lancer’s Pass snack bar are operated for PCC by the same company and offer a wide variety of meals, beverages and snacks to students, staff and faculty at semi-reasonable prices. Healthy options are available, but they are …