October 28th, 2016 may be a day that will forever be marked with infamy. Before that day, just about everyone was disgusted with Trump. His Billy Bush video sent the world into a frenzy and it seemed as though Clinton was going to be elected president without a doubt in anyone’s mind, even to those who hated her. But everyone was wrong.

F.B.I director James Comey sent a letter to Congress stating that they had found emails the computer of and aide working for Hillary Clinton that “appear to be pertinent” to the closed case involving her use of a private email server and then nine days later stated to Congress again that the F.B.I. wasn’t recommending charges.

Nothing can be as stupid and detrimental to society as what this man did. His actions have enraged people of all stripes as the “timeliness” of his investigation and conclusion smeared Clinton at the worst time possible.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of California said Comey “unfairly hurt the campaign of one candidate and changed the tenor of this election”

We have no idea what was going on in that ridiculous brain of his, but the emails in question were correspondence between Huma Abedin (Clinton’s aide) and her estranged husband, the disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner. To no one’s surprise, after the F.B.I. combed through thousands of their emails, they found nothing they could recommend charges for, again.

“This just absolutely staggering, and it is a massive blow to the integrity of the FBI.” said Senator Tim Kaine, in an interview with Fusion.

Republicans were able to rally behind Trump as Comey’s idiotic decision gave Trump’s racist sexist run for president a second wind.

Comey’s blunder was a dream come true for Trump as it further undermined and distorted the American people’s trust in the Democratic nominee and arguably handed him the presidency.

On the same day Comey told Congress his big “whoops”, Trump at a rally stated his unbelief of the F.B.I.’s ability to clear Clinton once again.

“You can’t review 650,000 emails in eight days. You can’t do it, folks” said Trump at the rally.

Regretfully, Americans succumbed to madness and Clinton was destroyed by Comey’s debacle. Comey’s decision could potentially take this country back years. Thanks to him, America’s future is now in the hands of a narcissistic, racist, madman.

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