The magic of philanthropy around Christmas

SHARE: “We just got five thousand dollars!” Elaine Cartas exclaimed. The entire room went into an uproar with cheers and all simultaneously shouted “Thank you Scott!” for the donor to hear over the phone. Scott Bell, whose family owns Bryan’s…


How to tame a Want Monster

SHARE: “It’s called the ‘Want Monsters’ and it’s about this boy who has a very big want monster,” Romero said. “It’s an imaginary friend that follows him around. And when the kid wants something, his want monster makes him want…


Books, Straight outta Riverside

SHARE: “My neighbors are all drug dealers; they’re good at what they do. And I’m good at what I do. Seriously, that’s the way life goes.” Making people cry. That’s what Susan Straight is good at. And she isn’t an…


To mime or to retire

SHARE: It was the mid-70s and the art of miming was in. Naturally, colleges that offered arts courses would be looking for teachers to fill positions in theater arts and PCC was no exception. Whitney Rydbeck, mime and acting and…

Presses down

SHARE: In an unfortunate turn of events, the presses at American Foothill Publishing are down this morning leaving the Pasadena City College campus without it’s weekly edition.