Volleyball win streak continues even as pressure amounts

Share: The pressure is building up as the season progresses for the PCC volleyball team. With a (10-1) record, and a 7 game win streak, everyone is out to get the team to break that streak.  “I feel like every team that plays against us,” Outside Hitter Verenice Gonzalez said. “They just want to compete against us.”  Every team in the division is out to get the Lancers, with an increased average number of kills and rallys, teams are playing harder than ever to be …

PCC athletes react to Olympics ban on political expression

Share: Albert Einstein said, “those who ignore history are doomed to wear it.” There was conflict when the Olympics expelled Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos from the 1968 Mexico Olympics for raising their fists as a homage to the “Black power” movement. 53 years later, the Olympics is sparking discord by prohibiting another Black political movement, and PCC student-athletes have reasonable, but very different opinions on the subject. Follow:

Women’s volleyball drops two games in a row

Share: Five sets filled to the brim with kill blocks, setter dumps, and pipeline spikes caused the Patterson Gymnasium to erupt in Wednesday’s game against the LA Harbor Seahawks. After the close and well fought sets, the Lancers unfortunately lost against the powerhouse team. Both squads showed solid offensive and defensive power, and proved to be a slugfest from start to finish.  Follow: