“Judas and The Black Messiah” does not betray viewers

Share: Racism, violence, betrayal, and guilt are all in this thrilling rated R movie of Fred Hampton. “Judas and The Black Panther” realistically portrays how easily people show their true colors by betraying someone. Throughout the movie, the violence and gunfights between the police officers and the Black Panthers are very evident. Even when the Black Panthers or any black citizens were minding their business, they would get racial slurs or get hurt badly by police officers.  “Judas and The Black Messiah” first shows O’Neal, …

Christmas cheer comes in the form of covid friendly car ride

Share: Driving through a Christmas light tunnel, bright green, red and blue reflect off the hood of the car. To the right and left along the route, there are elves balancing on a ball, rollerblading and even doing backflips. The warmth of complimentary hot cocoa, the sounds of elves greeting you, the sight of the beautiful lights all while inside the comfort of your car. This is Christmas during a pandemic. Follow:

‘Queen’s Gambit’: A risk viewers won’t regret taking

Share: The opening of a show is akin to that of a chess opening. The first few minutes of the game determines the flow and rhythm of the players involved, much like how the first few minutes of a show sets its atmosphere, pace, and tone of the plot’s characters and setting. Netflix’s new mini-series “The Queen’s Gambit” is about a chess wunderkind, immediately invokes a theme of genius and madness colliding into one another.  The opening scene follows a young woman waking up in …

Chappelle tells white people to ‘come get these n**** lessons’

Share: Once again, Dave Chappelle proved to be poignant, cynical, straight-forward, and most importantly, downright hilarious in between smoking a cigarette, live on-stage while hosting “Saturday Night Live.” If white America thought life was going to get any easier now that Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, Chappelle politely reminds them of the misery and despair that was conveniently forgotten prior to the Trump campaign.  Follow:

Review: ‘The Witches’ cast a weak spell on audience

Share: The film adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book of the same name “The Witches”  released exclusively on HBO Max on Oct. 22, directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Jahzir Burno, Anne Hathaway, and Octavia Spencer. “The Witches” is about the adventures of a young boy trying to save all children in England from the evil witches. Although “The Witches” is a remake of the original version released in 1990 and based on Dahl’s novel, it fails to bring chills to the audience, also none new renovations …

Don’t risk your life to go see ‘Tenet’

Share: Imagine a James Bond movie with a twist of science fiction and a complicated redefined time-travel told backwards. Christopher Nolan once again attempts to explore the concept of time in great details in his latest blockbuster “Tenet.” The film has a complex, mind-boggling and complicated plot that shouldn’t be appealing enough for viewers to consider risking their health for the film since it is only available on the big screen.  Follow:

‘Mulan’ live-action remake leaves audiences confused and alienated

Share: A live-action remake of Disney’s 1998 animated film “Mulan” premiered on Disney+ on September 4, and will be available for standard Disney+ subscribers on December 4. The main message from “Mulan” is to embrace oneself and to not be what others want you to become. However, the live action film manages to make the audience feel even more confused and alienated than before.  Follow: