Tasty food market brings bite size culture to Pasadena

Pasadena has always presented fun and memorable events to it’s local residents but this weekend it brought another that was quite delicious. The Tasty Food Market was the event that I was more than happy to check out. This food-based swap meet had a wide selection of food including Indian, sushi, Greek, Mexican, good old smoothies and ribs. There was a lot to choose from but everything I tried was not disappointing.

La banca en la avenida 42

Just off of Figueroa Street in Highland Park sits Las Banquitas off to the side of the road right before Ave 42. Las Banquitas is spanish for “the benches,” something that would be beneficial for sitting when eating a meal. With 4.5 stars and only four reviews on Yelp, Las Banquitas has a bit of expectations from reviews and local customers. Finding Las Banquitas wasn’t very hard despite there being many food trucks in the area, as they typically have their name somewhere on the …

Super Burger, not so super

Located on the corner of North Altadena Drive and East VIlla Street in Pasadena is Super Burger. Super Burger is currently the second highest rated place to get a burger in Pasadena according to Yelp. It has a rating of four and a half stars with 551 reviews. So naturally, I was excited to try it.

Bambino’s taste buds bonanza

Quite different from your many local cafes, Bambino’s cafe is a small hidden place near the 210 freeway that attracts their customers with its cheesy saucy aroma and addictive smell of pizzas. Walking inside Bambinos the atmosphere is filled with pure positive vibes. The walls have colorful wording on them that stand out to you. The background noise of classic rock adds on the tastes bud that are ready for slice of satisfaction. As you sit down the area has a bar type seating with …

Pencil Cafe erases the boring from an everyday lunch

A chalkboard sign with colorful script sits in the sun, with the entrance to Pencil Cafe hidden on Harkness Ave. Swinging it open and walking up the three steps to the main seating area, it’s as if you entered a charming indie apartment. A plush doll rests on the waiting area seats in front of the cashier. Rainbow string lights are pinned above a shelf of books on the wall, with abstract art reproductions in harmony with the cheery yellow paint. A mantled unicorn head, …