PCC suicide prevention efforts informative, but out of public eye

Tree-like street lamps line the road, their green iron trunks and ornate branches bear glowing orbs, guiding dog walkers and drivers alike. Most recently it was featured in the film “La La Land,” providing the romantic backdrop on which the main characters shared an intimate stroll. The flat, widespread road is a striking juxtaposition to the intricate curvatures and pattern of arches that make up the base of the concrete wonder.

Marijuana and alcohol survey shows students what’s normal

If students using alcohol and marijuana want to know how much they are drinking and smoking comparing to their peers, they can either take the alcohol or marijuana online survey. The two 15-minute programs called eCHECKUP TO GO were developed by the San Diego State University Research Foundation. They ask students about their drinking and smoking habits and about their personal aspirations and objectives in their health, career, relationships and self-esteem. The feedback students receive allows them to take a look at the correlation between …

PCC Cares Team helps students and faculty cope with loss and grief

One Thursday afternoon in late October, not yet aware of the sad news that awaited them, the students in the English 100 class walked into the room and took their seats as they do at the beginning of every class. Shortly after, Dr. Richard Beyer and Katherine Swain of the Psychological Services walked into the room caring the burden of having to break the painful news that one of their fellow classmates had passed away.