The last two weeks of the semester are a nightmare for any student. Students have different ways of coping with stress, but PCC strives to help by providing psychological services where students can learn how to deal with their stress or talk about what they are struggling with.

The Psychological Services office is located in the L building in room L108, two doors down from the counseling office.

Entering L108, there are pamphlets on the left side introducing what the Psychological Services program is all about. Then the clerk will ask for the appointment time and the student is asked to wait until the doctors call them in.

Normal office hours starts at 10 a.m. and students must have an appointment for a session, but during finals weeks the office opens at 8 a.m. offering walk-in appointments on a first-come, first-serve basis.

“Finals week and midterms week we play off of the academic calendar … we offer walk in all day, Monday to Friday, open to close just because typically students don’t come to their appointments and they forget they have a final and they just don’t show up,” the intermediate clerk for Psychological Services Kimberly Velasquez said. “This way it leaves it opens for students to walk in anytime before or after their finals.”

The services provided include talk therapy, which are each 20 minute walk-in sessions with licensed psychologist and/or advanced graduate interns in professional psychology.

“We have interns who counsel our students that are predoctoral and postdoctoral interns,” Velasquez said.

Students who are having school-related stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and anything else can walk in and get the help they need, especially during a hectic time like finals week.

“The students come in for a range of reasons, one may be academic issues that are coming up, maybe family stuff, personal, or relation stuff,” said postdoctoral intern Marcos B. Briano.

“But we know that it is caused by elevated stress and just some of these things are just overwhelming and they just get to the feeling of being frustrated and they want to seek some assistance.”

These services are only available for students that are enrolled with at least one unit, and the service offers individual counseling, couples counseling, and limited psychological tests.

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  1. Psych services is a scam. Campus Police have identified complete psycho-students who are a clear danger to everyone on campus. Psych Services has NEVER found enough back bone to remove these nuts. To justify their jobs – you see an occasional Luke warm article like this….giving the false belief they actually DO anything.

    Scam & a waist

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