Finally: PCC Flea Market reopens after 19-month hiatus

Every first Sunday of the month the PCC Flea Markets are open. Community members and frequent consumers visit the local flea market to find some goods and sometimes end up buying more than they intended, as was the norm back in 2019. It was customary to hang out with friends and family, eat, and not worry about wearing a mask, a pandemic, and relax on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Bargain-hunting wonderland

This year, PCC dethroned the reigning Rose Bowl Flea Market to earn the title of Best Flea Market in Pasadena Weekly’s “Best of Pasadena 2015” list. “I think it’s pretty exciting because we are such a small market compared to the Rose Bowl [Flea Market],” said acting hourly flea market coordinator Lindsey Reed. “It’s a huge honor and it makes us excited to work more for our customers to have a great place to come on Sundays and for our vendors to take pride in …