How to get books, supplies and a free ride courtesy of PCC

  PCC is giving students 150 dollars credit towards Bookstore purchases this fall semester, as well as an advance of 400 dollars for Pell Grant recipients. The 150 dollar credit began on Aug. 16 and Dr. Erika Endrijonas, the superintendent and president of PCC said in an email sent to all students that all students, credit or non-credit will have the opportunity to utilize the money.

New bookstore management guarantees nearly $1M in first year

In exchange for a $750,000 annual fee, the Pasadena City College Bookstore will now be run by a private company for the next five years. “The purpose of a bookstore is to provide services where students can pay significantly lower rates, can lease textbooks, can purchase cheaper textbooks, or may not even have to purchase textbooks due to open educational resources that exist today,” said Rajen Vurdien, Superintendent-President of PCC. During their session on Feb. 22, the Board of Trustees approved outsourcing the management of …