Emily Rohan / Courier PCC Students walk out of the Pasadena Community college bookstore on Thursday August 26, 2021. As more classes become online, or asynchronous, many students still come on campus to study, or do homework.


PCC is giving students 150 dollars credit towards Bookstore purchases this fall semester, as well as an advance of 400 dollars for Pell Grant recipients. The 150 dollar credit began on Aug. 16 and Dr. Erika Endrijonas, the superintendent and president of PCC said in an email sent to all students that all students, credit or non-credit will have the opportunity to utilize the money.

“The impetus for the $150 voucher at the bookstore and free U-Pass is to help students during this difficult time.  We are using our institutional federal CARES dollars to cover the costs,” Endrijonas said.

The PCC Office of Financial Aid states that if a student has been awarded the Pell Grant through FAFSA, a credit of 400 dollars will also be allotted for spending at the bookstore.

“LancerBook is an advance on your Fall Federal Pell Grant. You can use the advance to purchase textbooks at the PCC Bookstore, in person or online,” states the Office of Financial Aid.

The Pell Grant isn’t awarded until after classes begin, the LancerBook advance is a forward of 400 dollars that eligible Pell Grant recipients can use at the PCC Bookstore for books or school supplies. Whatever has not been spent will be credited back to the students Pell Grant Award. 

“The extra money is significantly helping me this semester. Especially with being a low income student new to PCC, having the extra 150 dollars to help pay for my books and supplies takes a lot of stress off my shoulders,” freshman student Esperanza Alvarez said.

Students can find their unique access code for both the 150 dollar credit as well as the 400 LancerBook Advance through their lancerpoint under the tab student bookstore credit. Students will also have the opportunity to receive a free U-Pass to assist with transportation for fall semester. To obtain the U-Pass, students must fill out a form on the LA Metro website and submit the form to Student Business Services, as stated by the Office of Student Life. The pass will be valid until Feb. 20, 2022.

The deadline to use each credit varies, with the 150 dollar credit expiring on Sept. 7, the LancerBook Advance expiring on Sept. 10 and the opportunity to apply for the U-Pass expiring on Sep 8. 


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