Hold drugmakers accountable now for the opioid epidemic

Share: After decades of increasing opioid related deaths correlating with increasing pharmaceutical profits, opioid manufacturers are only beginning to be held accountable for their role in the nation’s opioid epidemic. The efforts by big opioid manufacturers to shift the blame onto doctors only exposes their unwillingness to accept any amount of responsibility for the opioid epidemic they created and promoted. The counties of Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Orange County, and Oakland began trial on Monday pursuing claims against four companies including Johnson & Johnson, Teva …

Opioid victims need help, not handcuffs

Share: The sinister scythe that is the opioid crisis within the United States continues to reap the lives of our loved ones, has amassed a body count surpassing the Vietnam War, and remains largely unchecked, if not encouraged by laws passed in the interest of personal gain, our collective naivete in regards to the subject and the inhumane yet popular public sentiment that those who use drugs do not deserve help. Follow: