Education is more valuable

With the NCAA hosting its annual College Basketball Championship Tournament, or as most people know it, March Madness, the recent debate about whether student athletes should recieve a paycheck or not has been raging. During March Madness, companies from all over get to cash in on a great opportunity to advertise their products with millions of people around the country tuning in to watch the games. The NCAA sure is making millions of dollars off this and their athletes do not receive a single dime. Many …

OP-ED: to eat or not to eat

State lawmakers in Connecticut took notice on April 7 after the University of Connecticut’s talented guard, Shabazz Napier, made an unusual statement in his post-game interview. Napier, who led the Huskies to victory in the NCAA championship game, told reporters that there were nights where he would go to bed starving because he couldn’t afford to eat.