‘The Mountaintop’ successfully spotlights MLK’s humanity

On the sleek and spacious stage of the Westerbeck Recital Hall, an actor playing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. makes a number of flirty advances towards a young woman who is not his wife. Soon the actor playing the young woman begins to talk about the speech that she would make if she were in the shoes of Dr. King as he listens intently, encouraging her to share it with him.

OPINION: Honoring MLK the right way.

Those who protested during the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday honored the late civil rights leader in the best way imaginable. This year’s celebration of the holiday was marked by a series of protests around the nation. Protestors were upset over the deaths or Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others at the hands of police. Activists were encouraged to use the day to participate in public service and peaceful demonstration of social issues, two of the things that King was known for in his …

Activism celebrated on MLK Day

The All Saints Episcopal Church of Pasadena held an open space for expression to commemorate Martin Luther King Day Celebration on Saturday before a musical procession led to a picnic back on Euclid Street in memory of two activists. The event was primarily intended for youth and marked the start of a few services and events held by the All Saints Church this past weekend.