PCC Football ‘army’ and invincible Badminton Lancers are ready for 2021

Share: The last time the PCC Football team was on the field they went 6-4, their first winning record since 2008. And for the first time in 45 years, they had back-to-back shutouts while closing down the season in second place in the SCFA American Pacific League. Lancers defeated their opponents 98-2 over their last three games. After his third season, coach Steven Mojarro has the Lancers on the right track. The winning has certainly helped the team in the recruiting department.  Follow:

PCC announces new satellite campus

Share: Last month, the Board of Trustees approved the creation of a new satellite campus, PCC Northwest, at a local high school. The campus comprises the entirety of the D-building on the campus of John Muir High School. Pasadena City College had already been providing, “lower-division general education credit classes, for the last three semesters,” according to Assistant Superintendent Vice President Dr. Robert H. Bell. The campus is planned to be comparable in scale and function to the existing satellite campus in Rosemead, although the …