Holiday Angels celebration grants wishes to children of students

Associated Students (AS) is giving back to children of student parents this holiday season through their Holiday Angels benefit. The Holiday Angels tree, located in the Office of Student Life, boasts 100 cards with wishes on them from the children of students in PCC’s EOP&S, CALWORKS and PASS programs. There are three gift wishes on each card, along with the child’s first name, age and gender. All wishes are items between $10 and $25. The gift requests range from warm clothes and learning activities for …

Columbus Day vs. Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Christopher Columbus has long been lauded as a national hero for discovering America. In schools across the United States, schoolchildren learn about his voyage to America and his subsequent unearthing of riches. In fact, the whole nation celebrates this discovery with Columbus Day, which lands on the second Monday of October. Recently, however, the Seattle School Board has decided to do away with this holiday and replace it with the more appropriate Indigenous Peoples’ Day.