‘Faculty shouldn’t have to worry’ about bot scam, Instruction VP says

Share: Nearly two months after the start of fall semester, PCC along with community colleges across the state continue to investigate the motives and consequences of the attempted Financial Aid scam that took place. Assistant Superintendent and Vice President of Instruction, Laura Ramirez, who has been with the college since January 2021 and first became aware of the predicament that spring, claims that the issue has been a recurring one, only exacerbated this time by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.  “The fact is it’s nothing new …

Historic voter turnout leads to decertified election results, election redo

Share: The Associated Students (AS) elections held two weeks ago that had been certified have been decertified due to fraudulent voting behavior uncovered by the campus IT department and the Institutional Planning and Research Office (IPRO), which is in charge of conducting the elections. Candidates were to re-campaign this week in preparation for the reopening of the polls from Thursday June 6 at 12:01 a.m. to Friday June 7 11:59 p.m. Follow: