Ethics committee failing ‘because people don’t come to meetings’

“You’re asking the wrong person,” said Carol Curtis, in deadpan tone. The conversation then pointed to who should be asked. “The committee members that don’t respond. I mean, I don’t know why they don’t come,” Curtis said. Curtis is chairwoman of PCC’s Committee for Academic Freedom and Professional Ethics (CAFPE). Her committee oversees the campus-wide ethics policy. “But it’s a policy not just for faculty, it’s also for students and for management,” Curtis noted.

Sticks and stones: words do hurt

The popular magazine Rolling Stone, in a daring and striking article, “A Rape On Campus,” set their ambitions high to create an impact with an emphatic story while spreading awareness of sexual assault at a college. However, with such great ambitions and an attractive story, Rolling Stone didn’t watch their steps carefully and ended up running into a pole along the way.