Column: A letter to President Obama

“A great man is a torch in the darkness, a beacon in superstition’s night, an inspiration and a prophecy.” – Robert Green Ingersoll Dear Mr. President, A week and a half ago our country went to the polls to vote for the person who will be our next commander in chief. As the election reached its denouement, I’ve now come to the realization that you now have only 64 days left in office.

Trump is Frankenstein’s monster of the GOP

From the election of Barack Obama until now, the Republican Party has delighted in government obstruction, fear mongering and stoking the racism of the right-wing fringe. After the 2012 election, the GOP has desperately tried to rebrand itself to appeal to minorities, women and low-income voters. Unfortunately for the GOP, the chickens have come home to roost in the candidacy of Donald Trump.