Voting should be (and can be) thrilling

Share: 750,000 people flooded the streets for the Women’s March in January 2017; however local elections struggle to obtain the same political interest. Participation impact in local elections can be just as large, if not more significant than participation in a protest. Now it’s time to put all that into action into voting for the candidate that represents whatever ideology you believe in as the November 6 General Election races forward. Follow:

Sinclair’s politically motivated script hoisted red flags for a path of destruction

Share: Irony is inescapable as you watch the Deadspin video that stitches together Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s reporters as they recite a script hypocritically claiming to defend democracy. It evokes a  hair-raising feeling of dread reminiscent of 1984. The message criticized fake news, which seems like a noble message until you consider the political context. From a national news standpoint, the script echos Trump’s favorite talking point about “fake news.” From an independent journalism standpoint, the command to broadcast is threatening to mute journalists’ critical and …

Police Blotter: Elderly woman slaps students

Share: Monday, April 2 A suspicious person was reported looking disgruntled in Lot 5. The person was contacted and explained being upset about a broken vehicle key. A minor traffic collision was reported in Lot 3. A welfare check was conducted on a PCC student after the police received reports that the student was planning on hurting herself. The student was taken to the hospital under a 5150 hold. Tuesday, April 3 A student was reported fainting but nothing was found when officers checked the …

Lancers’ Lives: Sculpting life through ceramics

Share: The class atmosphere on Tuesday night ceramics in PCC’s Visual Art department is unreserved and easygoing. Two artists brought cookies to share. Students chatted while they wedged clay, a process of kneading the clay to remove air. In the coming weeks, it will be fired at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit to become art. But it is currently gray and tan mush. Follow:

#Enough: National walkout brings forward school activism

Share: Students participated in a nation-wide walkout at Pasadena City College (PCC) on Wednesday morning demanding that Congress take action against gun violence with underlying themes of bringing the PCC community more connected. This PCC event was prompted as part of a larger national event event to pressure legislators to find a solution to school shootings. It was organized by the same group that organized the Women’s March in January. The event was in response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School …