The Last Bookstore: A literary labyrinth

Share: The hustle and bustle of Downtown Los Angeles faded, as the strumming of a guitar performed a soft rock song over the speakers and set the tone for the afternoon. People disappeared into aisles and others emerged from another section, scouring every shelf carefully, hoping not to miss something great. Some clutched their findings and sat in the main area, nestled into the leather chairs and couches of red, blue and green. A standstill wave, a living sculpture of books layered over each other, …

A scoop of Italy in Altadena

Share: Tucked away in a lone cement courtyard near the foothills of Altadena, string lights lazily hang in front of Bulgarini Gelato. A few tables, with tiles and carved sunflowers on their surfaces sit in the shade just outside the windows, but upon opening the door, it was an entirely different vibe. Something straight out of an Italian travel book. Follow:

Existing within the stanzas: PCC Poetry Day

Share: Gold and silver mylar balloons swayed slightly as each poet came to the podium, glistening with the lights above, creating a glow that matched the poems themselves. The emcee, spoken word artist Cory Cofer, stepped up and immediately let his words flow as his arms undulated with the rhythm of his voice. He expressed the injustices within the education system against men of color. Follow:

Foster youth programs give students a place to heal and grow

Share: As overwhelming as college can be, students in foster care with no family support can find an exclusive community at PCC where their different challenges share a common thread.. Scholars Transitioning and Realizing Success (STARS) and Careregivers of Foster Youth (CAFYES) are two foster youth programs that aim to serve as a safe haven for previous and current foster youth students, helping them reach their dreams, goals, and potential. Follow: