Mandala colors Pasadena

Share: Amongst the different types of religious artwork, the creation of a colorful sand mandala by Tibetan monks are a must- see. From Nov. 5 to Nov. 9, the USC Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena put on a special event known as the Sand Mandala. This event was a delegation of six monks who carefully and precisely constructed a mandala design from sand using a handful of tools. Follow:

Lancercard ID cards give students access to art, movies and music

Share: Besides obtaining a higher education, being students at Pasadena City College has its monetary benefits. As enrolled students at PCC, students are all required to get a student ID, the LancerCard, which allows access to an array of resources the campus has to offer. Such access includes resources like the computer lab, Learning Assistance Center, the physical fitness facilities, and the hundreds of books at Shatford Library. But the LancerCard also offers a variety of discounts on entertainment outside the school campus. Music lovers …