It takes three to solo

Share: The guys dressed up in blazers and the women put on their nice dresses. Then they waited patiently as the stage remained silent with nothing but a chair and a footstool on it. The guitarist stepped out onto stage from the side door and everyone applauded. A classy night out on the town might not be something you’d go to a college campus looking for, but Pasadena City College has quite a bit to offer when it comes to evenings out. Follow:

English and vampires do go together

Share: Sometimes, a teacher is more than just a teacher. Many students may attend college simply to better themselves, have a better chance at that dream career or maybe even just to get out of their parents homes. It is easy to forget that there is so much more going on outside of their own world. It happens. Being able to see a broader picture of the world around you can help not only with broadening your horizons but could even lead to a fantastic …

Mad mortician raises the dead for Halloween

Share: With the narrow street completely fogged over and the trees hanging over like a canopy, the sky was barely visible. Closer to the Mortuary, a woman could be seen staggering toward the crosswalk. She teetered on the edge of the sidewalk. Just on the verge of falling over into the street, she seemed almost drunk. A passerby got closer and she snarled and tried to bite them, causing them to scream. Her face was a blur of blacks and grays and there was blood …

Cancer survivor strives to help others through art

Share: People wearing bio-hazard radiation suits walked into the room carrying a container. The lid opened with a ksssssssssh as it released the freeze-dried smoke. From out of the container they pulled a black pill and handed it to the girl with three-foot long tongs and waited for her to swallow it before leaving the room again. The only thought going through her head was “Why aren’t I wearing one of those masks?” Follow:

Japanese tea ceremony keeps traditions alive

Share: Everyone took off their shoes. There were creaks as they stepped up onto the wooden deck, their feet relaxing in relief from the painful rocks inlaid in the dirt. As they filed in one by one, everyone either took a spot on the floor cross-legged or kneeling, or on one of the few wooden stools. The walls were little more than decoration, being made of wooden slats that hid nothing from the outside world. Follow: