Colgate Lasagna? Museum of Failure explains it all

Share: Ever felt like a failure, especially when finals are nearing? Felt down over a failing grade on your chemistry exam? Disappointed about your failed D.I.Y-inspired creations? Well, you probably haven’t experienced the total sense of failing when it comes to the “Museum of Failure,” an avant-garde pop-up exhibit located in the heart of Los Angeles’s art district. Follow:

Freshman’s knockout ‘triple threat’ skill set

Share: Sporting a number 18 jersey, and standing six feet tall, his eyes dart toward the brown, prolate spheroid-shaped object that quickly dashes through the diamond-shaped grassy area. Playing as a safety and linebreaker, he fends off his opponents who are rapidly dashing toward him. Having an alert mind and strength are two key abilities in this type of scenario, especially where bulky, strong men are charging towards one another.   Follow:

Taking the ‘W’: Why students choose to pull out and withdraw

Share: Students line up in a crooked manner, one by one, waiting for their questions to be answered. Some choose to sit down on the connected seats, waiting for their name to be called; while the seats remain filled, others opt to stand near the wall and use their smartphones to kill time. Multiple counselors walk out the door, either engaging in a friendly chatter with colleagues or welcoming the students inside what remains of their encounter. Follow:

College One: the track to triumph

Share: They step foot into the widespread, grassy area where wood-like sculptures are reflected throughout the campus entrance. As they enter the building division, the brown, wood-like doors lurk through the new students’ eyes. Confused on which room to enter, this is just one of the many obstacles they face as “froshes.” Follow:

Associated Students: Building a committee and community

Share: Inside the Creveling Lounge, lie two different divisions that students frequent. One being the student lounge, in which enthusiastic gamers whip out their gaming devices and play a variety of games; and the Piazza, where hungry passers-by sit at the wide-ranging tables and munch on their food. Within the vicinity of the lounge, in which green, polka-dotted chairs are placed adjacently, lies the entrance of a student-driven community where student workers and Associated Students (AS) members can be found inside the Office of Student …

Shifting priorities in the honors program

Share: He dresses in a formal business attire and dawns a black dress shoe, while carrying a bag filled with his planners and notebooks. Inside his planner consists of day-to-day activities that range from grading class assignments to business-related duties. His demeanor, likewise, is a caricature of other professors who dress professional by society’s view of an authoritative figure. Follow:

Clubbing during Club Rush

Share: As students walk through the center of the campus, they pass by aisles of booths on both sides, glancing over the eye-catching signs that consist of glitter-like substances and the colorful texts inscribed in each club’s posters. A variety of club’s merchandises consisting of sweatshirts and T-shirts are placed on the tables, along with an assortment of sugary treats scattered everywhere. Their ears are drawn to the salsa music playing in the background, and their eyes are directed towards the dancers lined up, dancing …