Home is where the Brewed Bar is

Share: Of the many hip cafes or chain stores where Pasadena locals buy coffee with their names spelled incorrectly on their cup, Home Brewed Bar stands apart from the shops with a “grab-and-go” camaraderie. With every drink made to order and staff members learning the name of every person who walks in, Home Brewed Bar strives to create a coffee community where customers find themselves at home in their intimate location in Old Town. Follow:

Courier transitions into digital-only editions

Share: The cupboard in PCC’s newsroom is filled with books that bind every print edition from 1949 until 2016. The library archives hold newspapers from before the 50s, back when the Courier was called the Chronicle for Pasadena High School. However, for the first time in 102 years, and onward, there will no longer be a book or any physical archive that binds every print edition of each respective school year. PCC’s independent student voice, the Courier, will now be an online-only publication. Follow:

Stable tax rate will aid classmates and teachers

Share: Popular hobbies of students here include spending hours refreshing the PCC Book Sale Facebook page, moaning “I need this class,” upon every class registration season, and hunting for events on campus that include free food. These scenarios prove how college is a true test of money management. Voting ‘no’ on Prop 55 ultimately asks for these episodes to continue. Follow:

Police Blotter: Mother receives ransom demand in exchange for daughter

Share: Monday, Oct. 18 A student reported that his backpack was stolen from the third floor of the library when left unattended. Witnesses advise that a man wearing a blue jersey and red pants left with the property. A hit and run collision occurred in Lot 5, Level 3B. A staff member reported a man in his 50s, who was wearing an earring, a blue shirt, and blue pants, asking for a bottle of water. He then laid down in a grassy area. A bicycle …