“Native American Day”: An indigenous student’s safe space

Share: Underneath a small tarp by the mirror pools at Pasadena City College, indigenous students were able to see a reflection of themselves in a community that is often hard to find, during the “Native American Day” event. The sound of traditional hand drums and songs set a serious, profound tone as visitors of all backgrounds were captured with attention. Follow:

‘Hustlers’ offers only a tease

Share: “Hustlers” rustled up a strong premiere this past weekend, earning $33.2 million, but despite the film being a great way to spend a couple of hours watching an all-female cast imitate Robin Hood, it lacks the depth and cohesion found in its comparable predecessor, “Ocean’s 8.” While “Hustlers” breaks open the dark underbelly of corporate men during the recession of 2008, it offers shallow fun and character chemistry issues. So, why watch it? Follow: