Kaldi Coffee & Tea is an eclectic coffee house in Pasadena that offers not only appetizing food and drinks, but a lively sense of culture when you enter the doors.

This establishment has been around for over 10 years, making it a local favorite of South Pasadena. Upon visiting Kaldi, people immediately enter a calming, casual atmosphere with relaxing music. With the scent of fresh coffee constantly skimming the air, patrons are encouraged to walk up to the counter and order with one of their friendly baristas. Unlike other coffee chains, Kaldi is privately owned and this adds to their barista’s approachability and mastery about the menu.

The coffee shop displays numerous local artists on their brick and burlap-lined walls which encourage that community feel. Interestingly, an eccentric feature of this place is that none of their seating is the same style, which came off as quirky and inviting.

Kaldi’s menu has a lot to partake of that includes sandwiches, a full range of cafe items and baked goods. While the baked goods are not made in-house, they are delivered fresh daily. Their lunch menu runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and with some vegetarian options. Pro tip: Kaldi does not sell cold brew yet.

Arriving shortly after they opened, I purchased a cheese danish with a small caramel latte. In total, this came to $6.84. Prices are low to moderate depending on what you add. And for the price, Kaldi is well worth it.

The danish had a light, buttery crust that wasn’t overly sweet. The cream cheese center was a decadent experience. Biting into it was similar to the feel of eating burrata cheese, smooth center with a firm outside. The caramel latte, while still being a nice drink, didn’t leave the same impression. According to the barista, the latte is made with two types of caramels, but only very small hints were tasted. However, the milk was perfectly foamed and the espresso was very satisfying. Their Mint Latte and Turbo Coke are notably popular drinks.

While Kaldi’s latte could be more flavorful, the environment offers a wonderful experience for those looking for a hip coffee shop to enjoy. It’s excellent for studying and catching a moment of peace.


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