Political Dissident: Otto Warmbier happens every day in the US

Share: It’s been heavily implied that Otto Warmbier was killed by North Korea for stealing a sign. Comments about how barbaric and cruel North Korea is have flooded social media; condemnations about how a man shouldn’t have been given a death sentence for stealing and how regimes like North Korea go against U.S. values are in huge supply. While what happened to Warmbier was a terrible tragedy, I can’t help but notice the hypocritical tone and rhetoric surrounding his treatment and death. Follow:

Pro/Con: Should campus police carry guns?

Share: PRO: Fight Fire With Fire Cailynn Knabenshue Asst. Lifestyle Editor Suppose there’s an active shooter on campus. How do you expect first responders, specifically campus police, to fight them off with anything other than a loaded gun? I’m not advocating for the Second Amendment, nor do I want it to become easier to get access to firearms and no, this article isn’t sponsored by the NRA. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. I think that the reason for so many shootings nowadays is because …