Blotter: Fire alarm activated at Science Village two days in a row

Share: Monday, September 14 Transient was escorted off campus from the IT Building restroom. A transient was escorted off campus from the North side of Forum. A skateboard violation was reported at the Sculpture Garden. The skateboarders were escorted off campus. A transient was escorted off campus from the North side of Forum. Tuesday, September 15 The fire alarm was activated at the Science Village. No fire was reported. Facilities reported a woman who took a ladder from their cart and stayed on campus. Officers …

J.K. Rowling’s sarcasm isn’t the transphobia Twitter says it is

Share: A cisgender man dresses as a woman in order to commit violent acts of murder. Does that sound transphobic? A homosexual woman dresses as a man in order to commit violent acts of murder. Does that sound homophobic? The first one is actually the premise of J.K. Rowling’s new novel ‘Troubled Blood,’ Rowling’s fifth installment of the Cormoran Strike series. Both its author and her new novel have been facing accusations of transphobia. Now if that is indeed true then the other statements would …

New bill relieves tenants and causes landlords pain

Share: Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new bill, AB 3088 COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020 due to California’s eviction wave. The new bill prohibits landlords from evicting any resident who was unable to pay rent between March 1, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2020, due to financial hardships specifically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. What the bill is proposing is biased towards tenants.  Follow:

Disney+ wants more moolah for ‘Mulan’

Share: Disney+ has decided to release the movie “Mulan” on their streaming service for members on Sept. 4, 2020. With movie theaters being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney has decided to add a monthly subscription for viewers to see the movie. The monthly subscription is an additional $30 dollars even for audiences who have paid for a membership. Having this additional payment is great for promoting a movie during these tough times in our society. Follow:

Don’t risk your life to go see ‘Tenet’

Share: Imagine a James Bond movie with a twist of science fiction and a complicated redefined time-travel told backwards. Christopher Nolan once again attempts to explore the concept of time in great details in his latest blockbuster “Tenet.” The film has a complex, mind-boggling and complicated plot that shouldn’t be appealing enough for viewers to consider risking their health for the film since it is only available on the big screen.  Follow:

Blotter: Mirror pool sunbathing

Share: Monday, September 7 Pasadena Police resolved a possible stolen vehicle parked in the Community Education Center. The officer checked CEC and PCC main campus. The search came up negative. The case was concluded with an incorrect address provided.  Tuesday, September 8 A vehicle was parked in lot 5 level 4, and two suspects were loitering in the vicinity. Officers made contact with the suspects and escorted them out of campus.   Cadet reported a transient yelling at Lot 6 entrance, the officer approached but the …

Fires and COVID are suffocating local businesses

Share: It was just another day during the 2nd worst pandemic in U.S. history on September 6th, 2020. People were still required to wear masks and social distance. Movie theaters and gyms in Los Angeles County were still closed. Restaurants still had to adhere to outdoor only dining. That same day, record heat temperatures were reached. In Woodland Hills, California the temperature reached as high as 121 degrees. Follow:

Virtual Club Rush: Join a student club with just one click

Share: This semester, Pasadena City College is hosting their first-ever virtual Club Rush. Due to the pandemic, Club Rush is different this year, and with just one-click students can join a club. Visiting the online Club Rush, found on PCC’s website, students will find videos of clubs, separated by different categories. The club leaders introduce themselves, and there is easy access to joining and contacting them. It’s very different from the usual scene of tables spread throughout PCC’s campus, and a lot of work went …