Four tips to sleigh your way this holiday

Share: It’s the most wonderful time of the year again, which means it’s time to hit the crowds and make your way to holiday shopping. Tis’ the season for all things jolly and joyful, however going through the overcrowded malls and fighting over the last item you needed, takes away the fun of gift-giving. Finding the right gifts for your friends and loved ones can be a challenge, so here’s a few tips and tricks from fellow shoppers to help you navigate through the aisles …

Video games, its culture, needs to patch itself to be respected

Share: The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most notorious examples of video games that give the hobby a bad reputation. It has a lot of what people find problematic with gaming; Violence against women, overly sexual themes, drug use, and the modern problem of children (both actual and adults who act like children) shrieking obscenities over their mics. Follow:

People won’t surrender their guns…still

Share: This past week, the U.S. experienced multiple mass shootings within a four day span, with two of them happening within 24 hours of each other. When one shooting occurs, more shootings follow. These recent shootings have brought the attention back once again to the never ending debate of gun control. Shootings in the United States aren’t a surprise to anyone anymore, people are constantly saying “enough is enough,” however, 375 mass shootings later, it still isn’t. Follow:

Disney + equals disenfranchisement

Share: When Disney+ launched on November 12 to popular fanfare, the new streaming service promised to add more depth and story to their popular franchises, including giants such as Star Wars and Marvel, outside of their respective movies. But what most viewers aren’t considering are those who are locked out of Disney’s story paywall are the same people who only watch the blockbusters of the franchises, and not all of the other movies.  Follow:

PCC Rosemead Club: ‘Small but mighty’

Share: Two years ago, PCC’s Rosemead campus was devoid of any clubs at all. The campus usually consists of a little more than 2,000 students, all of whom are only there for about one to two years to take general and introductory courses. Student Christopher Theung felt that something was missing from campus life, that the student experience was lacking. Social and school events were constantly being held at the main campus, but event outreach to Rosemead was minimal.  Follow:

From crybaby to hardcore, Can’t Swim unleashes a slugfest

Share: Can’t Swim has undergone a shocking transformation in their most recent release “Foreign Language.” The New Jersey quintet completely dropped their whiny emo act for something much more brutal, aggressive and political. While Can’t Swim has always leaned on the heavier side of things across their emo discography, this EP is on a totally new level. Featuring big hardcore/rock names such as Drew Dijorio of Stray From The Path, and Frank Carter from Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes — “Foreign Language” is fast, punchy …