PCC’s symphony orchestra: Music is ‘like the air we breathe’

Share: The night started out quiet. Well, relatively quiet. As quiet as a trumpet and piccolo practicing in a literal echo chamber could be. The fluttering runs of the piccolo combined with the triumphant impacts of the trumpet created a disorienting atmosphere. Even a music aficionado would have had trouble picking out individual works. But then the trumpet rang out with a classic piece of musical literature — the kind that any passerby would recognize: the “William Tell Overture.” The trumpet part — built off …

Defined by the Grind

Share: Growing up with dyslexia, being bullied throughout his entire educational career, battling isolationism and low self esteem, Pasadena City College student Jacob Yanez turned to music for solace. Yanez found not only music, but also a community in one of music’s most underground genres- grindcore. Follow:

From warfare to healthcare: The many career options for vets

Share: As it turns out, getting into a program to become a registered nurse (RN), a nurse anesthetist, or a dental hygienist is a very competitive business. As the four speakers at the Health Science Career Panel analyzed career options, they shared not only their personal work experiences and choices, but they also offered suggestions in the nursing, anesthesiologist, technical, and dental hygiene fields to PCC students and veterans last Thursday afternoon in room W-206. Follow:

ArtCenter grad invents Martian ‘dump truck’

Share: Composed of three separate modules and 12 wheels, ArtCenter College of Design senior Omar Rehman’s segmented Mars land train was shown off at ArtCenter’s annual grad show. The three separate modules all had their own purpose — the front module for the astronauts and collecting geological samples, the middle to process the samples and the remaining module gathers the remains of obsolete rovers to retrieve them. Follow: