Pasadena’s own four sport legend

Before becoming a pioneer for equality throughout professional sports by breaking baseball’s color barrier in 1947, Jack Roosevelt Robinson was a successful four-sport athlete at what was then called Pasadena Junior College. Known for his athleticism and prowess on the baseball diamond, Robinson was also a prolific scorer on the hardwood while also playing football and track for the Bulldogs.

The digital editor’s daily beat

Share: Reporters will get through any barrier as long as it means getting the story. However, it’s the editor-in-chief who is always one step ahead of the game in order to keep the attention of multi-tasking readers. Being ready for anything would be the one necessity all past editors-in-chief of the Courier can agree on. Since its inception, the purpose of the Courier has been to deliver news to students written by PCC’s next generation of young journalists. Like any clique in college, the journalism …