New success committee strives for student equity

SHARE: In order to better help students achieve their educational goals, the new Student Success committee has been created. Consisting of faculty, staff, and student body representatives, the Student Success committee forms a union of the Student Equity committee, Student…


Students’ guide to first-year social success

SHARE: Within the spacious and diverse walls of the Center for the Arts, lies a stage imprinted with the birth of confidence. The stage sits bare, its focal point a young woman, glamorously donned in street attire, wearing nerves as…


Building campus community at Rosemead

SHARE: The single building sitting on the corner of Rosemead Boulevard and Newby Avenue could easily be mistaken as any commercial building, like an apartment complex with a fence structured around it, but instead, it’s PCC Rosemead.

Pathway research conference swarms campus

SHARE: To the left, posters on slavery and racism. To the right, students discussing time traveling concepts. Everywhere one looked at the quad of the PCC campus, students engaged in various discussions brought on by hundreds of first-year Pathways students.