On an overcast and gloomy day, students filled the quad in search of employment opportunities at the Job and Career Fair.

There was a variety of employers, from Chick Fil A to USPS. Employment opportunities ranged from part-time or split shifts to accommodate school schedules to full time with availability both on weekends and not. There were about 40 employers and recruiters present.

“I try to maximize and ensure that we have different industries present and tied specifically to the kind of degrees we have here on campus,” said Yajaira De La Paz, who oversaw the Job and Career Fair.

Employers enjoyed participating in the Job and Career fair because students have shown great interest in the employment opportunities available.

Chick Fil A hires many students from PCC and have had great success in employing them. This was a good opportunity for them to find more employees that have the skills and qualities they are looking for.

The proximity of the employers plays a big role for both the students and employers. It makes it easy and convenient to attend classes before or after work without having to worry about a long commute.

Many of the students that attended the Job and Career fair are from programs like Pathways. Pathways requires students to attend events like these to help better prepare them for job interviews and to enter the workforce.

“I think they are really, really helpful. There is a lot of info we don’t know and you can also have the opportunity to ask the people at the booths questions and to be more prepared for an interview,” said Arlene Contreras, an Administration of Justice major.

The Career center would like to find better ways to promote and make students aware of these events, as they can be greatly beneficial in helping students prepare for and obtain job interviews and employment.

“I would say overall it was very successful but there is always room for improvement,” said De La Paz. “Whether is it communicating the information out or ensuring that our students are prepared.”

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