Salted duck egg chips disappoint at a great boba cafe

At Bopomofo cafe in San Gabriel, Irvins salted duck egg chips made its American debut at this boba shop owned by Philip and Eric Wang of YouTube and Wong Fu Productions fame.  The Singaporean snack has been notoriously hard to bring into the US beforehand, with the best option involving smuggling them through customs in the past (not recommended). Those trying to purchase them often have to wait in long lines or go home empty-handed after they’re gone at whatever local pop-ups they’re at, that …

Zankou’s: chicken, shawerma, and secret garlic sauce

On a recent Wednesday, Zankou’s Chicken was filled with students, professionals and a mother with three children enjoying a variety of Mediterranean foods. This is not a place for quiet contemplation, but a hive of activity as patrons come and go, laugh at jokes or talk business over meals of meat, garlic sauce and pita bread while world music plays in the background.